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Terms and Conditions

The terms mentioned here is an agreement between you (customer) and, and it defines ways about our offered services as well as the duties and rights of Customers to access those. So it is always suggested from our end to our potential customers and customers to review the Terms and Services below. Before you proceed, it is better to understand that reserves the right to amend then page whenever required and the amended terms and services will go into effect immediately after posting.


The services offered by naira2usd does not intend for use in the countries where it is illegal and customers of the corresponding countries are fully responsible for the law observance there.

Exchange rate

Exchange rate mentioned on the site for both buy and sell is valid for the same day. If the order is not made on the same day, current day exchange rate will be applicable. To be very precise here, the exchange rate is valid till 11:59 p.m.


We don’t have the policy of refund of payment made, but if it is demanded, there will be deduction of 10 percent as fees on the total amount refunded. For such return case a written request is to be made either electronically or physically to us. Naira2usd reserves the right to refund the payments of customers without any clarification, if required.

Personal information

Customers are responsible to provide valid and accurate personal information on the site wherever required to process and complete payment transactions. “Personal information” here means such information which are associated with a specific person and are used in identifying the person. We do not share or sell such information with any third party.

Transactions is not responsible for any transfer to wrong bank or payment account opted by the customers. We are also not responsible for loss or damage due to delay in the bank payments or electronically transfer of fund. We strictly cannot be held responsible for the mistakes, omissions or delays of payments made by banks.


Naira2usd reserves the right to stop any of its services temporarily or permanently whenever required and without any notice. We also reserve the right to suspend any account or block any individual or group or company due to undisclosed reasons.


Customers here enjoys their right of personal information protection. We take reasonable measures to safeguard the personal information of customers from unauthorised access, use or disclosure. Customers are requested not to share their username and password with anyone in relation to the account created here.


Customers can anytime stop using our service and also can terminate the action of the current Terms and Services but it should not do any damage to the

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